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Ziegler Properties, Inc. will procure the maintenance experts. We maintain relationships with numerous general contractors as well as specialty contractors and maintenance people.

Inspection Tours

Ziegler Properties, Inc. regularly tours our managed properties to prevent any lingering issues from generating additional repair costs. We focus on maximizing the life and profitability of the asset.

Maintenance Reserves

Upon initiating a project, Ziegler Properties, Inc. perform a maintenance audit. With the audit report we will generate a long term maintenance schedule from which to project maintenance reserves. We audit the condition of the roofs, HVAC units, paint, parking areas and general building areas.

Eviction Services

When needed, our legal relationships ensure an expeditious eviction process giving us the quickest and easiest path to re-leasing the property and creating a renewed and profitable situation.

Ziegler Properties’ property management has the experience, strategies, and expertise that will give you peace of mind and generate profitable returns, all while maintaining a trouble free environment for your occupancy.


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Contact Details

1155 Meridian Avenue, Suite 111 San Jose, CA 95125

(408) 445-0133 FAX

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